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Why problems with appearance lead to severe depressions

Acnes (blackheads, or pimples) are not just spots on the face. Acne is a serious disease of the sebaceous glands. Typically, inflamed acne pimples are of red color, they are often painful, while noninflammatory comedos are black colored painless dots. Pimples may be located on the face, neck, chest and back, i.e. on open and visible parts of the body. This chronic, long-term disease causes severe emotional distress, especially among young people, and therefore requires long and careful treatment. Read more how spa treatments help a person to restore the lost mental balance.

Laser effects not only the hearth of the disease, but also existing acne. This treatment reduces sebum production and prevents form possible complications such as scars and bluish spots appearance. This approach will save you from problems forever, no matter at what stage of acne you have addressed to a clinic. It also effectively used in all Toronto salons for post-acne scar removal.

How to get prepared for the procedure
1. Do not sunbathe for 3-5 days prior to the procedure
2. Use the cream with a protection factor of at least 35 SPF before and after the procedure
3. Refuse form visiting sauna, bath and swimming pool for 3 days

Contraindications for laser scar removal in Toronto clinics include: acute and chronic skin diseases, acute forms of herpes, malignant neoplasms of the skin, decompensated diabetes mellitus and pregnancy.

Course of treatment
The necessary course of laser treatment is selected individually by the doctor - beautician. The average duration of the course is 4-6 treatments carried out at 10-14 days intervals. Visible improvement comes after 1-2 sessions. It is possible to combine the treatment of acne on the face, and, for example on the back. Complex treatment may be required to achieve a lasting effect in particularly severe cases. Comprehensive approach combines laser therapy with salicylic peels and mesotherapy.

1. Reduction of acne lesions of any kinds
2. Decreased sebum production
3. Improvement of physiological processes in the skin
4. Smooth and clear skin, which, moreover, looks much more fresh and healthy!
5. Mental balance.

Estelle Myers for about laser scar removal Toronto and the effectiveness of this procedure.

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