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The art of stress management

We live in the industrial age - the age of manufacturing and technological progress, which requires a person to perform several duties at the same time, when the person should be flexible enough and actively adaptable to constantly changing requirements of the society. All this leads to the fact that a man gets effected by various stress-formating factors that cause stress and depression. Stress can cause quarrels with loved ones, regular conflicts at work, setbacks in personal life and many other negativities. Stress has the following symptoms: feeling of insecurity, emotional instability, loneliness, fear of loud sounds / silence, the appearance of bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction), excessive irritability, fatigue, sleep disorders and appetite disorders, unwillingness to communicate with people.

The art of stress management is not a myth, but a reality. We suggest you consider the basic techniques of stress management, through which people can relax themselves and achieve emotional balance.

Block 1. The rapid stress relief.
Block 2. Relaxation techniques.
Block 3. Revitalization technique.
Block 4. Music therapy.

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