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Some facts about spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is the highest method of treatment, and it is used far fewer than most people think. Many healers cure their patients rather successfully through mental treatment. They believe that they heal using a spiritual way, but this is a mistake.

True spiritual healing is carried out by nobody. In such cases, healing is an object or a duct, which passes through itself spiritual healing forces of the Universe. The healer is able to adapt the spiritual thoughts to perceive the flow of spiritual forces of the Universe. This flow penetrates through the healer's to the patient's thoughts and makes them act and vibrate. This vibration is supported by the lower mental elements leading bodies and particles of the body to their normal state. Spiritual healing is often instantaneous, but it does not mean that it always happens this way. Passing spiritual healing forces through the healer to the patient, the healer directly dips the patient in the spiritual stream.

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