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Nerves are the cause of all the diseases

We are right when saying that all the diseases are the cause of nervous experiences. And they were right, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who searched for the cause of their diseases in the nervous system. But what has always been and still remains obvious to our consciousness, has long being rejected by science, stating the approach to human as a being composed of two parts: the body and the psyche. Medicine has recognized permanent and stable relationships between the psyche and somatic and began to consider the human body as a single homeostatic and psychosomatic system And only in the first half of the XX century. In other words, there can not be diseases of the body that does not affect the psyche sooner or later and vice versa.

Mental balance can be easily violated by toothache, constipation, diarrhea and even unexpectedly appeared pimple on the face. As for a feedback - according to U.S. researchers impact of experiences, feelings, emotions, physical health, can explain up to 80% of all the diseases. They occur as a result of stress mental state that wears the body out. Read more about nervous system violations that lead to teeth loss.

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