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Plastic sugery & psychology

The increased popularity of plastic and cosmetic surgery among men and women has attracted professional psychologists and psychiatrists interest to this medical area. Specialists have come to conclusion that patient's state of mind and psychological type should be taken into account before the surgery and these factors are not less important than physical state. Statistics shows that psychological factor may play a crucial role in the life of the patient and plastic surgeon.

Recently, a special study in United States was completed, summarizing the experience of numerous surveys of mental health of patients before and after surgery. In general, there is a positive trend - after surgery appearance improving leads to patient's self-esteem and socialization degree increasing, thus significantly improving quality of life. However, negative psychological effects, observed in 10% of cases, were mentioned in study report published in American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Typically, these patients have experienced clearly excessive, unrealistic expectations of plastic surgery (endoscopic face lift, rhinoplasty, mammoplasty , etc.) , or had a tendency to depression and anxiety states. Such patients were not satisfied with surgery results that reflected in their insistent desire to repeat the surgery once again. Some patients who are prone to anxiety, had serious problems with social adaptation, experienced prolonged depression and projected their negative trends on plastic surgeon and his assistants.

Currently, there are not enough researches on the effect of plastic surgery on patient's mental state. However, on the basis of existing data many reputable psychologists agree that with the popularity of cosmetic surgery a lot of patients will seek to solve their psychological problems - low self-esteem, constant feeling of anxiety and uncertainty and so on with the help of plastic surgery. Therefore, it is very important for psychologist to understand whether the patient needs plastic surgery, or, more likely, a qualified psychological support. It should be noted that thirty years ago, practicing psychologists believed that people who turn to cosmetic surgery services have serious mental problems. Modern researching psychologists have found that people are turning to cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons, often not associated with mental health problems. However, in the course of numerous interviews, it was found that from 7 and up to 12 percent of patients seeking for cosmetic surgery suffer from a serious mental disorder - dismorphomania. According to medical statistics, 87 % of patients were satisfied with plastic surgery results. In addition, they experienced less negative emotions associated with their own body. However, patients suffering from dismorphomania had just opposite results - patients experiencing unrealistic expectations of plastic surgery, were unhappy with results of surgery, have experienced depression tended to suicide thoughts. American psychologists and experts call plastic surgeons around the world to be more attentive to mental health of their patients.

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