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Problems with nervous system lead to teeth loss

Bruxism... although it is not a widely spread disease, but it brings a lot of sufferings to the patients and their relatives, forced to listen to tooth gnashing at night. This strange disease may be a cause of violations in central nervous system. Click here to contact our experts for effective psychological support.

What is bruxism and what causes it?
Bruxism, or as it is popularly called, teeth gnashing - is unconscious, namely uncontrolled teeth clenching during a sleep. The disease is peculiar to both children and adults. If a person grits the teeth strongly in the afternoon, it is not a bruxism, because he/she somehow controls the situation. Scientists still are not fully aware of the cause of the disease. Some suggest that it is an atavism, left from our ancestors. Others believe that it is the consequences of overstimulation of the nervous system: it is so overextended that when a person falls asleep, it still sends impulses to the muscles, causing their compression. Many scientists are inclined to believe that the cause of bruxism still lies in the irregularities in the mouth, especially in periodontal tissues. Violation of the hard tissues of the teeth, discomfort and itching in the gums, search for a contact between the teeth with pathological abrasion - compression brings relief in all of these cases. This disease may led to teeth crushing and their subsequent loss. Toronto psychologists recommend to solve this problem immediately to prevent teeth loss, otherwise only dental implants installation will help to correct the dentition.

Who treats teeth gnashing?
In general, dentists treat teeth gnashing, because it is often the cause of gum disease, periodontal or modified bite. Pathological abrasion occurs after constant grinding. There is a lot of work for periodontists and dental therapists to restore the lost teeth. In some cases only dental implants can turn the situation for better. Sometimes treatment needs the involvement of a psychologist or neurologist if no teeth or oral cavity diseases were detected.

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