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Save our family: how marriage counselling can help in this issue

Many couples at some point of their relations decide that they need advice of an experienced psychologist. Reasons for such a decision may be different, but the goal is the same - to solve the problems in the family and eliminate tension in the relationship. Today, family therapy is very popular not only in the US but also in Europe.

Your family is on the verge of a divorce or in deep family crisis – then it is quite rational to turn to marriage councelling specialists, who will determine the cause of the problem and develop anti-crisis program - a set of activities required for each particular family to restore the lost harmony in relationships. The anti-crisis program is made up after the first session with the family psychologist, during which the couple expresses their point of view on the problem, their desires and everything that makes their family life unbearable.

Please note that if the spouses are irritated or depressed, they do not see the problem at all. In this case, only family psychologist well-versed in marriage counselling will help find a way out of the crisis. Read more how close people can help a person to cope with depression.

Causes and reasons for the crisis can be the following:
1. Treason (betrayal)
2. Bad relationships with parents of a husband (wife)
3. Different point of views on parenting
4. Behavior of children, especially teenagers
5. Sexual and emotional cooling
6. Dependence on the Internet (and other addictions)
7. Rudeness, dishonesty, laziness and the like features of a spouse
8. Fatigue, constant stress
9. Lack of understanding and inability to communicate
10. Financial difficulties

Almost every family has a bunch of problems, but the experience of many couples shows that there are ten most frequent problems. As a rule, they lead to the fact that the spouses can no longer understand each other. If your family has at least one of these problems, you still have a time to think about a visit to a family psychologist. If you have detected 2-3 and more reasons, then you urgently need to go to the family psychologist and save you family.

Brenda Perez for about marriage counselling, which helps to get out of crisis in the family and restore mutual understanding.

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