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What is neuroscience?

Neuroscience is also known under the name of Neural Science, in fact, is the study which investigates the development of the nervous system, its structure, and also what it does. Investigators of the Neuroscience focus mainly on the brain and the impact on cognitive function that it has. Neuroscience investigates not only the normal functioning of the brain but also what is happening to the person’s nervous system when he or she has psychiatric, neurological, or neurodevelopmental disorders.

Neuroscience is in fact a subdivision of biology in general. Today it has become an interdisciplinary science which is closely connected to other disciplines, like linguistics, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, and medicine.

Many modern researchers are sure that neuroscience is the same with neurobiology. But neurobiology investigates the biology of our nervous system, and neuroscience studies everything about the nervous system. Neuroscientists are also involved in a very wide scope of different science fields today as compared to the previous years. They study all the medical aspect of the nervous system.

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